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Project Description

When opening a .sln file from the windows explorer SharpLauncher intelligently launches the correct IDE (SharpDevelop/Visual studio) originally used to generate the given solution (.sln). It also changes the icon to reflect the IDE association.

Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way of opening (MSBuild) solution files in the IDE that created them instead of opening up in some random IDE associated with the .sln extension? I find it highly frustrating when I repeatedly keep opening solutions containing boo projects in VisualStudio. I like to edit my boo projects in SharpDevelop and some other official (non-boo) projects in VisualStudio.

For those who share my pain, here is a little something which might ease it a little bit :)

About the development platform/technology

Language C++
IDE VisualStudio 2005
Framework ATL (Attributed)

Rationale behind the above choices

You cannot get far in Windows land without using COM and if you have to use COM then Attributed ATL in C++ is your best bet. Also note manged code cannot be used in Windows shell programming so C#, boo etc are out of the equation (see MSDN: The shell and managed code).

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